• Strategic Asset Allocation

    In early 2023, an Italian family office engaged with bfinance to create a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) for its new asset portfolio.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation and Whole-portfolio Design Review

    The trustees of a Middle Eastern family office enlisted bfinance’s help to review the internal investment team’s approach to managing assets—the client wanted an independent assessment of the appropriateness of the internal team’s

  • Risk Management Framework

    This Middle Eastern family office engaged bfinance to design an inaugural risk-management framework for its USD 1.2 billion portfolio and, subsequently, to help implement the new structure.

  • ESG Emerging Markets Equity

    This Nordic Family Office sought to identify a minimum of two active global emerging market equity managers, explicitly incorporating ESG considerations, and invest US$280 million split equally.

  • Renewable Energy Infrastructure

    The investor, a UK public pension fund, aimed to identify renewable energy-focused infrastructure funds and invest $80-100 million. Target return: 8-12%, including cash yield.