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Sovereign Funds

We support state/government/official institutions around the globe, including central banks, sovereign wealth funds, government pension funds and development funds. Many clients in this sector requiring exceptional standards of transparency; we make it a priority to eliminate conflicts of interest and provide the detailed data-led ‘audit trails’ that validate investment decisions.

Leveraging global best practice

Many sovereign and government funds hold unique position in their nations and their investment leaders often have a uniquely international perspective. Our clients in these institutions seek a genuinely global perspective, actively drawing lessons, inspiration and ideas from peers across a range of markets.

From portfolio diversification and private markets to smart beta and sustainability, sovereign investors from different geographies have led the way on key industry developments. At the same time, they continue to face an exceptionally high degree of scrutiny from domestic stakeholders and, often, from the countries where they invest. Investment outcomes, risks, costs/fees and non-financial ‘impact’ may all come under the microscope.

Supporting the needs of sovereign fund teams

Each of our government investor clients has a unique combination of in-house resources, governance arrangements, liabilities and policy constraints. We strive to offer an exceptionally flexible, customized approach that lets you access the help that you need—when you need it.

The most popular bfinance service area among government fund clients is manager research and selection. Here, investment teams can access exceptional market coverage, a high degree of ‘knowledge transfer' and a detailed audit trail for all decisions—from transparent analysis underpinning every strong score to the reasons why a relevant manager did not bid for a mandate. The search process also enables sovereign funds to express specific needs to a broad manager audience, such as the ability to offer a particular type of structure or experience with similar official institutions. Dedicated operational due diligence ensures a robust review of the operational risk environment and threats associated with potential partners.

Fee reviews and performance monitoring are also particularly relevant: sovereign funds can demonstrate how their costs and results stack up against international comparators and identify areas where change may be appropriate. Other key services for government fund clients include strategic asset allocation, strategic portfolio design, ESG advisory and risk analytics.

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