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Olivier Cassin

Olivier Cassin

Managing Director, Head of Investments and Research

Oliver Cassin is Head of Investments and Research, where he leads the firm’s research department. He rejoined bfinance in 2023, having previously worked at the firm from 2000 to 2014. Before coming back to the firm he held senior roles at BNY Mellon, where he managed the UK and European Institutional Sales team and more recently Client Solutions, and at Lyxor Asset Management as Head of UK Institutional Sales.

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Peter Hobbs

Dr Peter Hobbs

Managing Director, Head of Private Markets

Peter Hobbs is Managing Director of Private Markets and a member of the Senior Management Team. His division covers Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Equity and Private Debt, providing a range of services including portfolio design, manager selection and due diligence.

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Trevor Castledine

Trevor Castledine

Managing Director, Private Markets

Trevor is a Managing Director in bfinance’s private markets team. He was formerly Deputy CIO and Investment Director at Local Pensions Partnership Investments 'LPPI', the investment management collaboration between Lancashire County Pension Fund 'LCPF' and London Pensions Fund Authority 'LPFA'. Prior to that he was Deputy CIO at LCPF, with broad responsibility for alternative asset allocations which included Private Equity, Private Credit, Real Estate and Infrastructure.

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Mathias Neidert

Mathias Neidert, CFA

Managing Director, Head of Public Markets

Mathias is Head of Public Markets and a member of the firm's Senior Management Team. He joined bfinance as a Senior Associate in March 2008 focusing on manager research and selection in fixed income. He was named Head of Public Markets in 2014, managing a team of asset class specialists in charge of investment advisory within listed equity and fixed income.

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Toby Goodworth

Toby Goodworth

Managing Director, Head of Liquid Markets

Toby Goodworth is Head of Liquid Markets at bfinance, and a member of the firm's Senior Management Team. Previously Toby was Head of Risk Management at Key Asset Management, one of Europe's oldest fund of hedge funds, where he designed and ran the firm's bespoke risk models.

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Duncan Higgs

Duncan Higgs

Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Solutions

Duncan Higgs is a Managing Director overseeing bfinance’s Portfolio Solutions division including portfolio strategy, risk analytics, fee reviews, portfolio monitoring and other services. He has 15 years of experience in investment consulting, including advisory and fiduciary services.

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Private Markets Manager Research

Private markets team

bfinance supports investors in addressing global private markets investment challenges, from portfolio design and ESG integration to manager selection and due diligence. The private markets team includes dedicated specialists for private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure, providing exceptional breadth and depth of coverage.

Fixed Income Manager Research

Fixed income team

Fixed income strategy specialists provide thorough coverage across all sectors of the market: global and regional, single-sector and multi-sector (absolute return, multi-asset credit), emerging markets and developed markets, leveraged loans, green bonds, securitised credit, convertibles, CAT bonds and more.

Equities Manager Research

Equity team

Our experienced equity manager research team provides deep expertise across the full spectrum of listed public equity strategies. Coverage includes: global, regional and country-specific strategies; active and passive; style-agnostic and style-specific (such as growth, value); impact and carbon reduction; Shariah-compliant and more.

Diversifying Strategies Manager Research

Diversifying strategies team

The bfinance Diversifying Strategies team provides wide-ranging expertise on a broad range of strategies within liquid markets that are intended to improve on traditional portfolio outcomes and manage risk. These include: hedge funds, multi asset, alternative risk premia and commodity strategies, as well as portfolio overlays that manage risk or currency exposures.

Portfolio Solutions Team

Portfolio solutions team

bfinance Portfolio Solutions services give our clients greater control, stronger governance and actionable information to support decision-making. Each service was initially developed for more customised information upon which to base key investment decisions and improve portfolio management.