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The bfinance Diversifying Strategies team provides wide-ranging specialist on a broad range of strategies within liquid markets that are intended to improve on traditional portfolio outcomes and manage risk. These include: hedge funds, multi asset, alternative risk premia and commodity strategies, as well as portfolio overlays that manage risk or currency exposures.

Diversifying Strategies Hedge Funds Multi-asset Absolute Return Total Return / Diversified Growth Risk Parity / Risk-targeted Unconstrained Balanced Alternative Risk Premia Overlays Multi-manager Solutions Commodities Alternative Risk Premia Macro and Trading Equity Long / Short and Market Neutral Event Driven Relative Value Multi-Strategy Currency Overlay Equity Protection TAA Overlay Portable Alpha Outsourced CIO Blended ARP + Hedge Funds Customized Fund of Hedge Funds Academic ARP Practitioner / Esoteric ARP Long Only / Enhanced Index Long / Short and Relative Value

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Manager research for portfolio diversification

In Manager Research and Selection, investors seeking liquid diversification are supported by our Diversifying Strategies specialists, while illiquid diversification is supported by Private Markets specialists—with appropriate cross-team support where relevant.

Diversification is a personal property. The appropriate implementation of diversifying strategies depends on each investor’s existing portfolio, specific objectives, tolerance for volatility and drawdowns, spending limitations, ESG beliefs and more.

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When seeking diversification through the addition of uncorrelated liquid alternatives or applying risk management tools such as portfolio overlays, a fully customized client-centric research process maximizes the benefits to the investor’s portfolio. Whole-of-market research maximizes the choice of strategies which can achieve targeted objectives. The firm’s Operational Due Diligence unit is also available to support implementation.

Optimizing portfolio diversification

In Portfolio Design, Strategic Asset Allocation and Risk Solutions, Diversifying Strategies specialists provide expert practitioner support to the bfinance Portfolio Solutions team. This provides a strong, practical, ‘bottom-up’ perspective of the current availability/attractiveness of diversifying strategies of all types. These insights complement ‘top-down’ analysis and facilitate the development of workable solutions that will be efficient to implement in practice.

Diversifying Strategies researchers also support Monitoring and Fee Reviews with live industry insights on relative performance drivers and pricing developments, as well as day-to-day experience negotiating fees for our clients.

The ESG Advisory group works closely with Diversifying Strategies specialists to stay on top of sustainable investment considerations for hedge funds and other liquid alternatives: this is a rapidly evolving subject, which often involves considerably more complexity than we find when integrating ESG considerations into conventional investment strategies.

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