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Our investment consultants support clients across the increasingly diverse and complex multi asset universe—ranging from relatively traditional Balanced products allocating capital to equities and bonds through to Total Return, Diversified Growth, Risk Parity and highly unconstrained absolute return approaches including Hedge Funds. In addition, the team has supported clients in implementing ‘Outsourced CIO’ multi asset solutions.

Multi-Asset Absolute Return Listed Infrastructure Risk Parity Total Return / Dynamic Asset Allocation Balanced Static / Core Risk Parity Dynamic / Risk Parity Plus Risk Parity Dynamic / Risk Parity Plus Diversified Growth / Aggressive Allocation Income Oriented Defensive Allocation Multi-strategy Discretionary Macro CTA / Managed Futures Multi-manager / FoHFs Unconstrained Balanced Benchmarked Balanced Long-only / strongly long-biased Absolute return

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Multi asset manager research

In Manager Research and Selection, we help investors to fulfil a wide range of portfolio objectives through multi asset strategies. A highly customised full-market procurement process places investors’ risk/return needs in the driving seat, as well as other criteria ranging from regulatory requirements to ESG integration. This approach to manager research is particularly helpful in the multi asset sector, cutting through an extremely varied strategy universe and maximising managers’ ability to propose customised solutions in response to clients’ stated objectives if they are able to do so.

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The majority of multi asset manager searches are led by the Diversifying Strategies group but many involve cross-team support with, Equity, Fixed Income and Portfolio Design specialists. The firm’s Operational Due Diligence unit is also available to support implementation.

Optimising multi asset portfolios

In Portfolio Design and Strategic Asset Allocation, multi asset specialists support the bfinance Portfolio Solutions team in their analysis of clients’ exposures and strategies being used. This provides a strong, practical, ‘bottom-up’ perspective of the current availability/attractiveness of multi asset strategies, complementing ‘top-down’ analysis and aiding the development of workable solutions that will be efficient to implement in practice.

The ESG Advisory group has a strong overlap with the broader investment research team, with multi asset specialists providing relevant inputs based on the latest manager ESG data as well as insight on specific Impact or ESG-thematic strategy types.

Multi asset researchers also support Monitoring and Fee Reviews with live industry insights on relative performance drivers and pricing developments, as well as practical negotiation experience.

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