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Our experienced equity manager research team provides deep expertise across the full spectrum of listed public equity strategies. Coverage includes: global, regional and country-specific strategies; active and passive; style-agnostic and style-specific (such as growth, value); impact and carbon reduction; Shariah-compliant and more.

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Equity manager research

In Manager Selection, our equity specialists focus on what matters most to each investor that we support, aligning with clients' investment beliefs and fulfilling our role as an extension of their teams. Within listed equities, investors' priorities may include diversification versus incumbent equity managers, addressing style imbalances, delivering a custom risk/return objective, ESG-related manager upgrades and more.

The Equity team is supported by our dedicated ESG Advisory unit, ensuring a rigorous approach to assessing managers' investment processes, impact, portfolio carbon emissions and other sustainability considerations. A highly client-customised process enables investors to innovate, raise the bar and even drive product development.

Read more about ESG in Manager Research.

For manager research in related asset classes such as Multi Asset and Listed Real Assets, we provide cross-team support alongside relevant Real Assets, Fixed Income and Multi Asset specialists. The firm’s Operational Due Diligence unit is also available to support implementation.

Improving equity portfolios

For Portfolio Design and Strategic Asset Allocation, equity specialists support the bfinance Portfolio Solutions team to develop high-quality analysis of clients’ equity exposures within the overall asset mix. This ensures that our advice always combines sound 'top-down' theory with practical 'bottom-up' implementation guidance, informed by the the current attractiveness and availability of relevant equity strategies.

The equity team also supports Monitoring and Fee Reviews with live industry insights on performance drivers and pricing developments, as well as practical negotiation experience. The ESG Advisory group has a strong overlap with the broader investment research team, with equity specialists providing relevant inputs based the latest industry and manager developments. This includes innovative research on newer ESG/impact product groups such as impact equities, ESG-thematic Equities and strategies that support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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