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The global community of university endowments and charitable/other foundations includes some of our most diverse and forward-thinking clients. Each one is distinct in terms of mission, team, liability profile and funding arrangements. Our goal: helping you to build outstanding portfolios.


Endowment & Foundation Investment Survey

Endowment and Foundation Investment Survey

61 senior endowment, foundation and charity/nonprofit investors across 16 countries contributed data and insights for this global study.

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Putting innovation into practice

Historically, endowments and foundations have been viewed as ‘ahead of the curve’ on a number of themes—such as the use of private equity and other alternative investment strategies. The combination of a long-term investment horizon, relative regulatory freedom and innovation-friendly governance structures continues to be a powerful one.

Today, we continue to see foundation and endowment investors seeking to advance and enhance portfolios with new developments—such as exploring esoteric investment strategies that have not yet reached the institutional mainstream, driving ‘impact investment’ product development and uncovering unfamiliar/emerging managers.

Supporting the needs of foundations and endowments

Endowments and foundations represent a very significant proportion of bfinance’s client base (>10%). Acting as an extension of their teams, we offer flexible support in a range of areas. The most popular service for these investors during recent years has been manager research and selection: the bfinance process has helped these clients to research strategies, acquire market knowledge and uncover a broad range of solutions.

Other key services for our endowment and foundation clients include strategic portfolio design / strategic asset allocation, fee reviews, risk analytics, ESG advisory and operational due diligence. The majority of endowment/foundation clients have appointed bfinance to provide targeted support on a project basis (e.g. 8-12 weeks); long-term support is also available.

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