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ESG and Sustainability

Sustainability is a core part of our ethos. It is embodied in commitments to our employees, clients and suppliers. It is embedded in commitment to Responsible Investment throughout our investment consulting services. It is reflected in the way we support our communities, protect the environment and exercise Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our ESG commitments:

Conducting all business with integrity, in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Helping investors on all parts of their Responsible Journey.

Contributing to Net Zero & climate change within our investment consultancy services and operations

Promoting better integration of ESG, sustainability and impact across all asset classes.

And, finally, delivering clarity to our clients in the face of the ESG marketing and box-ticking that is prevalent in the industry.


Our people are our greatest asset. We strive to foster a positive, supportive, respectful working environment.

  • Culture of respect, diversity & inclusion. We place great importance on respect and DEI matters. We want to hire talented employees who come to work feeling valued and free to contribute different ideas. We are committed to providing equal opportunities at every stage of recruitment and employment and to creating a working environment where everyone can thrive and feel a true sense of belonging. The firm has established a Diversity Committee in order to provide oversight and facilitate positive change.

  • Reward. We are proud of our high-performance culture which offers employees intellectual challenges, meaningful work in the service of our clients and meritocratic reward. We offer employees highly competitive remuneration and benefits.

  • Wellbeing. Employee health and welfare is of paramount importance to us: we have an Employee Assistance Programme offering employees free and confidential help with personal or professional problems that could affect their home life, work life, health and wellbeing.


Climate change is a significant threat to our planet, now more than ever. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by continually monitoring and improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We encourage our clients and suppliers to do the same. We are a founding signatory of the Net Zero Investment Consultants Initiative, established in 2021.    Download our NZICI Progress Report

  • Transportation - we are determined to cut our carbon footprint by reducing the need to travel. We restrict overseas travel by employees, promote the use of travel alternatives such virtual meetings, provide flexible remote working arrangements and encourage our employees to use environmentally friendly modes of transport such as public transport or bicycles (purchased at reduced cost through our Cycle Scheme).

  • Energy consumption - we are committed to reducing our energy consumption as much as possible through the use of energy-saving measures such as motion-activated lights in most of our office spaces. When purchasing new products we take their energy efficiency ratings into account, and we monitor energy use and water consumption on a quarterly basis with the aim of reducing them over time.

  • Resource consumption - we seek to buy recycled products wherever possible. We carefully track paper usage with the aim of keeping it to an absolute minimum.

  • Waste management - we are committed to reusing and recycling all paper and other recyclable waste where possible, and only use licensed and appropriate organisations to dispose of waste.


At bfinance we recognise the importance of contributing both our time and money to give back to the communities in which we operate.

  • Volunteering - we encourage all employees to participate in volunteering activities which benefit our communities and, to this end, we offer paid leave to participate in such activities. Volunteering activities typically take the form of volunteering at food banks, help for the homeless and other charitable activities. Whilst such voluntary work may take part on an individual basis, we have previously organised whole-team volunteering activities.

  • Financial contributions to charity - bfinance makes financial contributions to charity in two main ways:

    1) As a firm, we support a number of charities on a regular or ad hoc basis. We are an ongoing supporter of the Diversity Project and its Catalyst After School Programme (CASP) initiative, which aims to accelerate progress towards a diverse and inclusive culture within the investment industry. Other charities that we have supported include the homelessness charity St. Mungo’s, the Red Cross, the Disasters Emergency Committee and a number of non-profits around the globe that have helped those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    2) Our Charitable Fundraising Matching Scheme enables us to contribute to the charitable endeavours of our employees. Through this scheme we match the sums of money employees raise through sponsorship for registered charities of their choice.


We treat our suppliers with respect and establish relationships characterised by open and honest two-way communication. We are committed to using locally sourced suppliers where possible and seek to forge partnerships with like-minded companies whose core values mirror our own. We seek to ensure that our suppliers treat their employees with respect, demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact, and adhere to the highest ethical standards. To this end, we ask any prospective suppliers and our existing suppliers on an annual basis to complete our Supplier Questionnaire to:

  • Confirm their commitment to a positive working environment including their standards of diversity and inclusion and compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

  • Confirm they take appropriate measures to ensure their own operations are free from human trafficking and modern slavery.

  • Confirm they have an anti-bribery policy in place.

  • Confirm their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

  • Confirm the procedures they have in place for assessing the above factors in relation to their onward supply chain.

  • Where applicable, confirm they hold the relevant licences to perform their operations.


We have processes in place to measure and provide management oversight of our achievements in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility. Specifically, our commitments are embodied in our internal Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and our activities to monitor progress are reported to the ESG and Responsible Investment Committee which meets on a regular basis and reports progress to the Board.


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