Enhanced monitoring

With analysis available at the level of the specific manager, the asset class or the total portfolio, bfinance monitoring services are highly customised to the needs and objectives of each client. In the case of manager monitoring, this includes criteria that may have affected the client's selection of that manager.

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Clear, concise, customised reporting

At the portfolio level, warning indicators are employed to signal the health of the investment portfolio in the context of overall objectives and constraints. A board-ready reporting approach enables stakeholders to gain an ‘at a glance’ view.

At the asset class level, summary views benefit investors with multiple complementary managers within the same asset class who seek to understand and interpret individual/overall outcomes.

At the manager level, we seek to identify the intended role of the mandate within the overall portfolio and the original selection criteria used to evaluate the managers. This enables us to further customise the reports and position our teams to best provide qualitative insights.

A multi-disciplinary approach

Monitoring should not be restricted to the standard measures of performance and risk. We help investors to determine the key aspects that they wish to monitor, including Performance, Investment Risk, ESG and Operational Risk.

Our clients also determine the level of detail that they find useful and actionable, ranging from a 'light-touch' approach to more granular information. Warning indicators clearly highlight areas that require attention in order to support effective governance.

Customised metrics reflect the investors’ specific objectives for a portfolio or manager, ensuring a relevant assessment framework. Quantitative measurement versus objectives is supplemented by qualitative insights and interpretation.

bfinance’s Portfolio Solutions unit includes specialists for Monitoring, ESG Advisory and Operational Due Diligence. The group is also supported by a broad team of asset class specialists spanning all liquid and private markets.

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