A new client survey conducted independently by T4 Associates for the independent investment consultancy bfinance has identified a record level of customer satisfaction, reflected in an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70.

Clients cited the firm’s “thorough, credible analysis”, “unbiased, fact-based recommendations”, “customer-service orientation” and the overall business service model. 86% of them rated bfinance more favourably than competing investment consultants with whom they had worked. Nearly 80% of customers expect to do further work with bfinance, whose services primarily comprise short-to-medium-term engagements to address investors’ specific needs rather than long-term retainers.  

The Net Promoter Score has increased notably since the bfinance’s previous independent client survey in 2018, which awarded the firm a score of 63. This score reflects how likely clients are to recommend a firm to their peers, by calculating the proportion of “promoters” (ratings of 9 and 10 out of 10) versus “detractors” (6 or below out of 10).

Some client feedback:

“bfinance was very knowledgeable, the reporting they gave us was very strong and detailed, it is very easy to understand the information and pass to the committee” (Insurer, UK)

“I appreciate the amount of bespoke work bfinance will do for you; everything is done specifically for the client” (Endowment, Canada)

“We have diversification in bfinance that isn’t prevalent in Australia. The feedback from auditors was ‘where do you find these different [asset manager] names? Better diversification leads to a better return; working with bfinance gives us an advantage that we wouldn’t have with a traditional consultant.” (Endowment, Australia)

“bfinance is a very professional partner. They are interested in the client, they understand what our needs are… I have not seen a company that is better than bfinance. The information that was presented to us was quite impressive.” (Pension Fund, The Netherlands)

“bfinance is very responsive, proactive and show a strong focus on customer orientation. They always appeared as a partner and shared their extensive knowledge and expertise.” (Pension Fund, Germany)

Mal Hunt, Head of Client Consulting at bfinance, said: “We are delighted to have received such positive results from our Voice of the Customer survey, especially after an extensive period of working from home through the Covid-19 era. It is a testament to our team, the strength of their commitment to our clients and the quality of our business model. I am proud of the team for coming through this challenging phase stronger than ever.”