New Perspectives on Asian Private Markets

New Perspectives on Asian Private Markets

Over the past decade, private markets in Asia Pacific have gradually achieved performance parity with those in Europe and North America, fuelling speculation amongst asset owners that these markets hold the potential for even greater upside as the world’s centre of gravity—as measured by global growth, population and prosperity—shifts to the East.

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Exploring diverse opportunities in Asia Pacific: Assessing opportunities in private markets across the region requires a significant commitment, but it is time well spent given the region’s swift recovery from the worst of the Covid-19 crisis—and its continued economic strength as financial markets deepen and mature.

Staying flexible about possible solutions: As managers seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors by developing niche strategies, investors have an opportunity to consider regional or even country-specific products that complement their existing pan-Asia holdings.

Understanding implementation challenges: Investing in Asia Pacific may require an intensive research and due diligence, but asset owners stand to benefit from the potential for significant portfolio diversification and relative outperformance—assuming they’re able to identify and invest with the top quartile of managers.

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With performance dispersion in Asia Pacific’s private markets running high, manager selection remains one of the most important decisions that asset owners need to make. Choices are plentiful: an increasingly diverse, segmented landscape of fund offerings has emerged, driven by a changing fundraising landscape and a maturing talent pool. This paper—which includes two case studies of Asia private equity manager searches—aims to provide insight for asset owners seeking to make initial allocations to private markets in Asia Pacific or expand the breadth and depth of their existing allocations.

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