Commodities - Sector in Brief

Commodities - Sector in Brief

Fewer than a quarter of institutional asset owners invest directly in commodities, according to the latest bfinance Global Asset Owner Survey. Most do not have explicit exposure to this famously inflation-sensitive yet volatile asset class. Now, within a fundamentally altered macroeconomic climate, this brief introductory report re-evaluates the characteristics of commodity investment strategies and considers their potential roles within diversified portfolios.

Commodities - Sector in Brief


Facts and figures: Practical information on the commodity investment landscape including size, categories, performance, correlation characteristics and more.

Understanding the asset class: Clear explanations of key terms and exploration of the most notable characteristics of commodity investment instruments.

Market access: There are many different ways of gaining exposure to the commodities market on a direct or an indirect basis. The report presents a brief overview of strategy types, ranging from active and enhanced passive commodity funds to real assets.

Commodities - Sector in Brief


Investors are looking again at the subject of commodity investment. After all, this is one of very few asset classes that delivered positive performance (even on a passive basis) in 2022, in contrast with the substantial losses in both equities and fixed income.

This concise report provides an introductory overview to commodity investment and relevant strategies that investors may consider, with their potential advantages and disadvantages.

The paper is part of our educational ‘Sector in Brief’ series, intended to support investors that seek a rapid overview of an asset class or strategy type, with a market summary followed by investment and manager research considerations.

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