• Global Impact Equity

    The investor was looking to upgrade their sustainable ESG offering to a stronger impact proposition which could demonstrate positive impact contributions across multiple sustainable development goals, measurable additionality, strong

  • Equity Portfolio Design

    The investor, a Canadian pension plan, engaged bfinance to reassess the design of their existing equity portfolio, with the aim to suggest fresh approaches that would be diversified across risk factors and geographies and provide a

  • Currency Overlay

    This Canadian investor was seeking to manage their non-CAD exposures through a dynamic (non-passive) currency overlay, with an emphasis on risk management as opposed to 'currency alpha'.

  • Strategic Portfolio Design, Equities

    The investor, a German public pension scheme, was conducting a search for a global private equity manager and was in the process of reviewing four finalists ahead of investment. In order to support Operational Due Diligence, they

  • US/Canada Equity, Dividend Focus

    This investor sought to switch from passive strategies towards active management, with the primary driver being the inability to meet their ESG-related objectives through passive strategies.

  • Open-ended Infrastructure

    This Canadian Defined Contribution pension scheme was making their debut allocation to unlisted infrastructure. The plan’s structure necessitated a focus on open-ended strategies.

  • Asia Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds

    This investor was making a first-time allocation to Asian Multi-Strategy hedge funds. With the exception of purely quantitative approaches, the investor was willing to consider all styles of multi-strategy as long as they had at least

  • Global Equity

    This Canadian corporate pension fund wanted to replace one of its ‘global ‘equity managers (ACWI ex Canada) and one of its ‘international’ equity managers (ACWI ex US), each of which was managing approximately USD 240 million.

  • Hedge Funds Plus Alternative Risk Premia

    This Canadian corporate pension fund aimed to invest C$200m in a customised portfolio of hedge funds and alternative risk premia (ARP) exposures. The key aim was to reduce equity risk and provide liquid diversification to the rest of

  • Direct Lending

    A Canadian foundation with existing exposure to the infrastructure sector sought an unlisted North American infThis Canadian public pension plan was seeking to redeploy capital being returned from previous private debt investments