• Operational Due Diligence, Multi-Asset Credit

    A reinsurer was looking to increase its allocation to multi-asset credit and took the opportunity to review (and potentially replace) its incumbent manager.

  • Operational Due Diligence, Real Estate

    A large UK corporate pension scheme appointed bfinance to conduct a deep dive ODD assessment of one of its long-standing asset manager relationships due to escalating concerns, including negative press headlines regarding that

  • Global Impact Equity

    The investor was looking to upgrade their sustainable ESG offering to a stronger impact proposition which could demonstrate positive impact contributions across multiple sustainable development goals, measurable additionality, strong

  • Global Shariah Equity

    The client, a Middle Eastern insurance company, was seeking Shariah-compliant active global equity solutions, to be be managed in a segregated account structure (‘Discretionary Portfolio Management’ account).

  • European Equity

    The client, a prominent Italian private pension investor, was seeking at least one pan-European equity manager to complement their existing European equity allocation.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

    The client, a Middle Eastern insurance company, sought to refine its Shariah-compliant strategic asset allocation (SAA).

  • Policy and Strategic Asset Allocation support

    The client, a Middle-Eastern financial institution, sought support for reviewing and creating its Shariah-compliant Investment Policy Statement (‘IPS’), Strategic Asset Allocation and risk management framework.

  • Equity Portfolio Design

    The investor, a Canadian pension plan, engaged bfinance to reassess the design of their existing equity portfolio, with the aim to suggest fresh approaches that would be diversified across risk factors and geographies and provide a

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

    In early 2023, an Italian family office engaged with bfinance to create a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) for its new asset portfolio.

  • Strategic Investment Review

    A UK-based Charity was seeking support for evaluating their current investment approach and strategic asset allocation.

  • Strategic review of FX hedging policy

    A Northern-European endowment organisation engaged with bfinance to review its strategic approach for foreign currency hedging as part of its governance procedures.

  • Currency Overlay

    This Canadian investor was seeking to manage their non-CAD exposures through a dynamic (non-passive) currency overlay, with an emphasis on risk management as opposed to 'currency alpha'.

  • Equity Portfolio Review and Global Value Equity Search

    The investor, a European public pension fund, was keen to conduct a review of their international equity portfolio, which included a roster of external active and passive managers.

  • Portfolio Solutions – Fee Review, Public Markets

    The client, an Australian pension scheme, was under mounting pressure from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), who is responsible for collecting and publishing the performance and costs of superannuation funds.

  • Designing a Shariah Global Equity Multi-manager Portfolio

    A Middle-Eastern financial institution was seeking to create a new public equities product for its clients with a multi-manager, Shariah-compliant approach. The objective was to design a multi-manager portfolio and provide an

  • Designing a Multi-Manager Equity Portfolio

    A Canadian pension plan was seeking to refine its approach to investing in global equities. After initial review (with bfinance) revealed both known and unknown biases, priorities included: the regional segmentation of the portfolio,

  • Global Small Cap Equity

    This investor was making their first allocation to global small-cap equities and willing to consider any investment approach (systematic or discretionary) and any style, with a preference for an unconstrained investment mindset rather

  • Developing a Responsible Investment Policy

    A mid-sized global insurer was seeking to align themselves with ‘best practice’ in incorporating appropriate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment approach.

  • Global Emerging Markets Equity

    The client, a large government-linked investor in South East Asia, was seeking to restructure its exposure to global emerging markets (EM) equities. With its EM equity portfolio entirely invested in passive funds, the client was

  • Shariah-compliant Private Equity and Infrastructure

    The client, a Middle Eastern foundation, was looking to enhance the returns of its overall portfolio and chose Private Equity and Infrastructure Equity as suitable asset classes. The client was willing to consider all investment