• Equity Portfolio Design

    The investor, a Canadian pension plan, engaged bfinance to reassess the design of their existing equity portfolio, with the aim to suggest fresh approaches that would be diversified across risk factors and geographies and provide a

  • Strategic Investment Review

    A UK-based Charity was seeking support for evaluating their current investment approach and strategic asset allocation.

  • Strategic review of FX hedging policy

    A Northern-European endowment organisation engaged with bfinance to review its strategic approach for foreign currency hedging as part of its governance procedures.

  • Designing a Shariah Global Equity Multi-manager Portfolio

    A Middle-Eastern financial institution was seeking to create a new public equities product for its clients with a multi-manager, Shariah-compliant approach. The objective was to design a multi-manager portfolio and provide an

  • Designing a Multi-Manager Equity Portfolio

    A Canadian pension plan was seeking to refine its approach to investing in global equities. After initial review (with bfinance) revealed both known and unknown biases, priorities included: the regional segmentation of the portfolio,

  • Designing a Corporate Private Equity Portfolio

    A Belgian corporate was seeking to create a private equity investment unit, making productive use of their strong cash position and bringing potential strategic benefits to the firm.

  • Fixed Income Portfolio Design

    This US wealth manager sought to update its relatively conservative fixed income portfolio in order to meet the investment target of 3-5% per annum nominal returns—a topic that has become particularly pressing for their team in a

  • Fund Hosting Platform for Public Markets

    An Asian government fund was significantly expanding its international equity allocation and sought support with manager selection, as well as the implementation of an external fund hosting solution to facilitate effective management

  • Portfolio Solutions – Real Estate Liquidity

    This UK wealth manager asked for assistance from bfinance to evaluate potential investments in new real estate sub-asset classes or satellite strategies with the aim of improving the efficiency and holistic liquidity management of its

  • Portfolio Solutions – Strategic Portfolio Design, Real Estate and Infrastructure

    This German endowment fund engaged bfinance to review its current real estate and infrastructure holdings and set out a new strategic direction for the portfolio—one that would complement its existing holdings and grow with the

  • Liquid Alternatives Portfolio Review

    This client, a German insurance company, sought bfinance’s assistance to conduct a review of its conservatively invested liquid alternatives portfolio, which deployed assets in low net exposure and market neutral strategies.

  • Railpen Pursues Smart Insourcing

    In 2019, RPMI Railpen insourced the majority of factor investing strategies in its equity management programme. It is the latest milestone in a five-year journey towards understanding value for money and bringing down costs. 

  • How QSuper Halved Risk Without Losing Return

    Inspired by risk parity strategies and illiquid-focused endowments, Australia’s second largest superannuation fund is pioneering a radically different approach.

  • Risk exposures, diversification and absolute return

    The client engaged bfinance Risk Solutions to provide holistic portfolio risk reporting, following the selection of a group of alternative absolute return managers that were intended to improve portfolio diversification. The investor