Mettre le pouvoir entre les mains des investisseurs
  • Policy and Strategic Asset Allocation support

    The client, a Middle-Eastern financial institution, sought support for reviewing and creating its Shariah-compliant Investment Policy Statement (‘IPS’), Strategic Asset Allocation and risk management framework.

  • Shariah-compliant Public Equity

    The client, a large Middle Eastern financial institution, was seeking to build a Shariah-compliant global multi-asset class fund with the listed equity sleeve managed by a diversified roster of external fund managers.

  • Shariah-compliant Saudi Equity

    The client, a Middle Eastern financial institution, was seeking managers with proven experience investing in Shariah-compliant Saudi equities, necessitating fairly strict requirements on minimum track record (>5 years) and assets under

  • Shariah-compliant Global Real Estate

    This investor, an Asian financial institution, recognized that it had a material underweight to Real Estate and wanted to look at appointing a top-tier manager or managers to assist in the diversification of its exposure.

  • Multi-Asset Absolute Return and Risk Parity

    An Asian institutional investor was seeking to invest US$200 million in a segregated mandate which provided diversified exposure across a range of private markets strategies and assets, including: private equity (>30%), infrastructure

  • Global Shariah Equity

    A financial institution in South East Asia was seeking to restructure its equity portfolio to improve diversification and resilience, which included re-orienting the portfolio from domestic to international stocks. As part of this