Snap Poll: What are investors thinking now?

Snap Poll: What are investors thinking now?

Institutional investors around the globe shared how they are responding to pressing geopolitical and macroeconomic developments. With 418 investors from 39 countries taking place at the end of the first quarter of 2022, the findings reveal significant shifts underway.

Snap Poll: What are investors thinking now?


Nearly half of investors had direct exposure to Russia heading into Q1. Of those, 45% have either fully exited or are trying to do so, with the majority of leavers obstructed by illiquidity and lock-ups.

Some 39% of investors said recent geopolitical developments will lead (or have already led) to a re-evaluation of ESG approach.

Four in five investors expressed concern that inflation and rising rates would impair their ability to achieve medium-term investment objectives (14% “very concerned” 68% “moderately concerned”); 41% expect to increase the inflation sensitivity of their portfolio in 2022. Illiquid investment allocations are surging, with real assets leading the way.

Alternative Risk Premia and Hedge Fund managers delivered high satisfaction ratings in a turbulent first quarter, while many Emerging Market Debt and Emerging Market Equity managers disappointed.

Snap Poll: What are investors thinking now?


Following a dramatic and sobering first quarter of 2022, many institutional investors are grappling with macroeconomic shifts, geopolitical developments and market declines. In an effort to provide additional clarity on the views of the investor community at this challenging time, bfinance ran a ‘snap poll’ between 29 March and 4 April for pension funds, insurers, endowments, foundations, family offices, wealth managers and others. Some 418 investors from 39 countries shared their insights, including 162 pension funds and 82 insurers, endowments, family offices, sovereign wealth funds (SWF), wealth managers and others. This brief report presents a high-level overview of results, made available to respondents within a few days of the survey’s close.

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