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I would have no hesitation recommending them especially for the marketable alternatives based on the strengths of the people involved and the rigor of their due diligence process.

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Real diversification

The Diversifying Strategies team, led by industry veteran Dr. Toby Goodworth (Managing Director), covers hedge funds, FoHFs, liquid alternatives, multi-asset, currency and commodities.


During the past five years, Toby and his group have pioneered new ways of thinking about alternative investment strategies and how to access them. The team has also worked to educate asset owners and the industry on new or unfamiliar asset classes, such as Alternative Risk Premia (or “Alternative Beta”). In manager research and selection for Diversifying Strategies, a highly customised approach coupled with strong technical expertise proves critical for our clients.

Case Studies

Implementation in focus


Liquid Alternatives Portfolio Review

This client, a German insurance company, sought bfinance’s assistance to conduct a review of its conservatively invested liquid alternatives portfolio, which deployed assets in low net exposure and market neutral strategies.


Tactical Asset Allocation and Currency Overlay

This investor previously had a TAA overlay on regional equities and bonds but not on international investments. Here, they sought to extend this approach to the international portfolio—and also consider an FX overlay—in order to drive enhanced returns.


Market-Independent Absolute Return

This investor sought market-independent strategies which exhibit very limited equity / credit beta (structurally and empirically)—ideally less than 0.1 in normal and stressed equity markets.


Asia Multi-Strategy Hedge Funds

This investor was making a first-time allocation to Asian Multi-Strategy hedge funds.

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