bfinance’s capabilities extend far beyond manager selection. Our clients are increasingly using our expertise to actively advise them on their portfolios of managers once they have been selected.

Underlying managers and funds, particularly those in more complex areas of investment such as hedge funds and other alternative investment, typically require greater depth and frequency of monitoring and ongoing analysis. This often takes too much time or specialist expertise for in-house teams.

We act as the client’s eyes and ears. We monitor and help them assess their investments.  We focus on their funds in detail – to get the latest information on performance, portfolio mix and personnel.

How do clients benefit?

• We are hands-on. We speak to the managers.  We ask the right questions. We make sure any changes, for good or bad, are fed back into our analysis.

• We combine this investigative work with quantitative analysis of risk and return. We don’t just review a manager’s performance, we analyse the peer group. We want to know if they’re achieving their objective and whether they could do better.

• As with every bfinance processes, we take a client-centric approach. Customised reporting helps them assess whether their investments are achieving their goals.

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