Debt Capital Markets (public and private bonds)

The current move towards disintermediation creates new opportunities, especially for corporations which were previously unable to access the bond markets. Companies therefore face structural choices, requiring in depth thinking about the long-term consequences of each selected financing strategy.

On these strategic issues, our independent positioning enables us to ensure a perfect match between the needs of our client and the market solutions identified, while being unencumbered by the conflicts of interest faced by traditional players.

Thanks to our knowledge of market dynamics, investors, ratings agencies, and a thorough understanding of our clients’ credit profile, bfinance is able to help finance departments identify the appropriate disintermediation strategies. Our support is focused on the following areas:

• Credit positioning strategy
• Rating Advisory
• Production of presentations to agencies and investors
• Selection of investors (private placements) and/or bookrunners (public operations)
• Definition of term sheets and participation in legal documentation negotiations

Independent and free from any conflicts of interest, our proven method enables clients to take fully informed decisions.


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