Public Pension Funds

bfinance works with public pension schemes in more than twenty markets, each with different regulations, governance and resources. Our priority is to help you solve your problems. bfinance was the first consultant hired to conduct an asset pooling business model review for a group of UK local government schemes, assisted a well-known Asian state pension fund introducing ESG, and helped a Swedish public fund dissect private equity costs.

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bfinance supports corporate pension plans of all types and sizes, across a wide range of international markets. We are dedicated to being a trusted resource for these innovative investors, from the US pension plan that pioneered Alternative Risk Premia strategies to the UK scheme leading the debate on fee reduction.

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Hedge Funds + Risk Premia Multi-Asset Absolute Return Currency Overlay Global Equity Emerging Market + Asia Equity Municipal Bonds Alternative Risk Premia

With investment returns proving increasingly important to insurance companies in today’s lower-rate world, bfinance focuses on bringing best-in-class asset management expertise to our insurance clients. During recent years we have worked to address the implications of Solvency II, improve yields, reduce fees and implement alternative investments.

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Leveraged Loans

Each university endowment and charitable foundation is unique, with specific liabilities, funding arrangements, relationships and missions to consider. We support endowments and foundations globally on achieving their investment objectives, their way. Innovation is critical: this community includes some of the world’s most forward-thinking investment teams.

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Infrastructure Fund of Hedge Funds

Some of our most innovative, inventive, dynamic partners are family offices. These clients are leading the way on ESG, exploring highly unconstrained multi-asset solutions, venturing off the beaten path. Our ability to combine full anonymity with customized full-market research preserves the privacy of investors without sacrificing quality or breadth.

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ESG Emerging Market Equity

Sovereign wealth funds, sovereign development funds, central banks and supranational government institutions each serve a crucial mission. Strong governance is key to our partners in this sector: we prioritize full transparency, rigorous scrutiny, and a robust audit trail for all investment implementation decisions. Long-term horizons allow for best-in-class, innovative asset management.

Retail investors are demanding access to the same asset classes and investment strategies as HNW or institutional investors. bfinance supports wealth management investment teams globally with both discretionary and advisory services, providing access to the full landscape of institutional-quality managers across liquid and private markets, an unconstrained search process and competitive fees.

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Absolute Return, Liquid Alternatives