Rethinking private markets manager research

bfinance supports investors in addressing global private markets investment challenges, from portfolio design and ESG integration to manager selection and due diligence. The private markets team includes dedicated specialists for private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure, providing exceptional breadth and depth of coverage.


In illiquid investment strategies, investors face wide performance dispersion between managers and long-term investment horizons. As a result, it is particularly crucial to provide thorough manager research, due diligence and overall governance. The bfinance research team includes separate senior specialists dedicated to Private Equity, Infrastructure, Private Debt and Real Estate, supporting investors with Manager Research and Selection.

These researchers also work closely with consultants supporting clients on Portfolio Design, Strategic Asset Allocation, ESG Advisory and Fee Reviews. Find out more about specific asset class coverage below.

Case Studies

Implementation in focus


Shariah-compliant Private Equity and Infrastructure

The client, a Middle Eastern foundation, was looking to enhance the returns of its overall portfolio and chose Private Equity and Infrastructure Equity as suitable asset classes.


Shariah-compliant Private Income Strategies

The client, a leading Middle Eastern asset manager, was planning to launch a new fund with the aim of providing investors with a diversified portfolio of income-generating assets. The company enlisted bfinance to search for the most compelling investment managers able to deliver Shariah-compliant so...


Shariah-compliant Global Real Estate

This investor, an Asian financial institution, recognized that it had a material underweight to Real Estate and wanted to look at appointing a top-tier manager or managers to assist in the diversification of its exposure.


Private Markets Portfolio Monitoring

This investor was seeking to improve their approach to monitoring private markets strategies. Their private markets portfolio consisted of three multi-manager funds (Real Estate, Private Debt and diversified Private Markets), with underlying exposure to 64 different strategies.

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