Rethinking equity manager research

The equity manager research team supports investors in public equities in developed and emerging markets. Coverage includes: global, regional or country-specific strategies, active or passive, style-focused (including ‘smart beta’), quantitative or discretionary/fundamental, Impact and ‘ESG thematic’, Sharia-compliant strategies and more.

In Manager Research and Selection, our equity clients bring diverse requirements. These may include integrating additional ESG considerations, strong diversification versus retained equity managers, style tilts, alignment with the in-house team’s core investment beliefs and much more.

All equity manager research engagements incorporate Style analysis as standard, to provide an additional lens on managers’ exposures.

Case Studies

Implementation in focus


Global Emerging Markets Equity

The client, a large government-linked investor in South East Asia, was seeking to re-structure its exposure to global emerging markets (EM) equities. With its EM equity portfolio entirely invested in passive funds, the client was looking to shift a portion of this exposure to a diversified combinati...


Shariah-compliant Global Equity

The client, a prominent Middle Eastern asset manager, was seeking to invest in Shariah-compliant global and broad regional equity strategies—irrespective of investment style—to play a satellite role within its newly launched global growth fund.


Shariah-compliant Saudi Equity

The client, a Middle Eastern financial institution, was seeking managers with proven experience investing in Shariah-compliant Saudi equities, necessitating fairly strict requirements on minimum track record (>5 years) and assets under management (>USD 200 million in conventional or Shariah-complian...


Shariah-compliant Public Equity

The client, a large Middle Eastern financial institution, was seeking to build a Shariah-compliant global multi-asset class fund with the listed equity sleeve managed by a diversified roster of external fund managers.

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