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Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - August 2020

Testing Times for Infrastructure Investment Resilience

Rethinking China’s Role in Emerging Market Equity Portfolios

Investors Eye REITs amid Uneven Rebound

Investor Spotlight: Storebrand’s ESG Journey from Exclusions to Solutions

Long/Short Equity: Sector in Brief

Dislocation and Distress: Navigating New Opportunities

Active Equity Management: A Question of Style?

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - May 2020

Are Multi Asset Strategies Delivering for Investors?

Will “Fallen Angels” Reveal Fixed Income’s Saints and Sinners?

Rethinking Fixed Income’s ‘Hunt for Yield’

Hedge Funds Bounce Back, but Big Test Remains

“It ain’t over til it’s over,” in the famed words of Yogi Berra. This is certainly true of annual performance figures, as the final ‘quarta horribilis’ of 2018 reminded market participants. With that essential caveat, 2019 is well on track to be a far better year for hedge funds than the previous one, with the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index up 6.2% to end-October and the HFM Global Index up 5.6%.

Insurers and Investment Risk

Are insurers’ investment risk frameworks keeping pace with portfolio sophistication? A new study with the Association of Financial Mutuals (AFM) reveals very different approaches to investment risk management.

Tackling Hidden Costs in FX Management

All investors experience significant – and often hidden – performance erosion as a result of routine FX trading, whether it’s carried out directly or via external parties. What’s the true cost, and how much can investors save?

Investor Spotlight: Railpen Pursues Smart Insourci...

In 2019, RPMI Railpen insourced the majority of factor investing strategies in its equity management programme. It is the latest milestone in a five-year journey towards understanding value for money and bringing down costs. The scheme’s Total Expense Ratio has halved in that time.

Manager Intelligence and Market Trends - November ...

bfinance’s quarterly report in November 2019: read the team’s latest insights on institutional investor activity, risk appetite, market developments and asset manager performance across all major asset classes.

What Does “Paying for Alpha” Really Mean?

"Paying alpha fees for beta performance” has become an investor bugbear. This has created a need to differentiate more carefully between outperformance derived from established risk factors and outperformance based on idiosyncratic risk exposures.

Investment Management Fees: Is Competition Working...

The latest edition of bfinance’s Investment Management Fees series reveals substantial price reductions in Absolute Return Bonds, Emerging Market Equities, Fund of Hedge Funds and more.

Investor Spotlight: Getting Real on Real Asset Ret...

The Teck Resources pension plans have been investing in infrastructure for thirteen years and real estate for more than forty. Today, they’re dialling back on performance expectations rather than pushing the envelope on risk.

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